After observing numerous friends get into relationships recently, I’ve noticed a slight pattern: it’s a long process. Gone are the days when you meet someone, see them every single day of the week and then you become official.

Now it’s the case of a couple of weeks or months until you say, “finally, what took you two so long?”

Referring to a recent example from this weekend, it took them nearly a year.  From watching two friends meet, hook up, stay friends, resolve drama until finally today when they became official, it’s no longer a smooth road.

So this case is a good example for me, someone who constantly chases that instant action. I want immediate results or else I grow frustrated and impatient.

I need to get the thought into my head that good things take time.


6 thoughts on “Relationships;

  1. It’s so true that good things take time. The relationships I’ve rushed into have turned out to be horrible! The guys I’ve jumped right into relationships with have turned out to be monsters, and it’s what has made me doubt my own judgement – I feel like I’m too easy trusting guys. My one relationship that has lasted the longest, but that so far hasen’t been able to become anything serious (it’s long distance, but one day we’re hoping to be together), is the only relationship I’ve ever seen as healthy and this guy is the only one that has ever treated me kindly, no matter what. I know in my heart that he’s the right one for me. The fact that we’ve kept in touch and met up several times since we met abroad soon six years ago says a lot.

  2. I’m exactly the same, far too trusting too quickly. I think all guys I meet are super nice when of course they’re all nice until you give in.

    Are you referring to M? 🙂

  3. Exactly! That’s what frightens me about meeting guys… that I fall for their charming ways and think they’re nice. As soon as they know they’ve got me wrapped around their little finger, then I see the real person hiding behind that facade.

    Nope, not M. I’m referring to a different guy now! 🙂

  4. Hmm, not sure who you’re referring to as B? No, this is S I’m talking about. Haha… all these capital letters. I’m sure I’ve mentioned him to you some time, but I’ll have to give you an update in my next email!

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