Birthday is just around the corner;

It’s my birthday on the 25th of August. I was originally born in Russia where I was a summer baby but when I was five, we moved to the southern hemisphere so I haven’t had a summer birthday in fifteen years.

Even though it’s only the beginning of the month, the weather has been amazing. It doesn’t even feel like winter, more like spring but that’s Perth for you.

Some girlfriends of mine thought it’d be a good idea to organise a picnic in the park, complete with party foods & games. Since my birthday is just around the corner, I thought it’d be a perfect idea for MY birthday (sorry girls!)

I made invites last night stating I’m turning 2. My birthday will include party hats, snacks and games and I’m hoping everyone will dress up with me- I know my girlfriends will!

Last year, I celebrated my nineteenth on a Sunday & it was a beautiful day so I have my fingers crossed for this year!

I can’t wait though. I love planning & so do my girlfriends so this will be fun 🙂


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