Special Friends;

This time last year, I met Karrie. I had just broken up with my boyfriend so we started going for weekly walks. She is a couple of years older than me & she’s someone I look up to. She’s the same as me, went into university as a mature age student at 20 and now has a number of degrees under her belt. In that time, she’s managed to study abroad for a semester & has done her fair share of traveling. What really inspires me is the fact that she also owns her own home in the central business district.

She motivates me so much with the things that she has accomplished that I too, hope to one day achieve.


2 thoughts on “Special Friends;

  1. Most of my friends are older than I am. I’ve got several friends that are around 30 years old or older. I find it easier to hang out with them because I have always been mature for my age, people always tell me that. I actually have a hard time hanging out with people that are the same age as me, because I feel like we’re just not on the same level…

  2. I’m exactly the same. Other than the handful of friends I grew up with in NZ, the rest are older than me. But I think the reason I got along with the dozen or so school friends was because they were all very mature for their age too- I think it had to do with the guys we hung out with- we grew up waay too fast, not a bad thing though!

    I just don’t want the things that other people my age do, I never have.

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