Spontaneous Trip to Bali;

A friend mentioned she may be going on a trip next month & it made me realise I’m not very spontaneous. I would love to think of myself as outgoing but when it comes to trips, I plan ahead for months. Speaking to T, I thought it’d be a good idea to fly to Sydney for my birthday for 2 nights next weekend but turns out, I don’t even have time for that!

My life requires a lot of planning. The most spontaneous thing I’ve done recently is decide to go to Bali, Indonesia in 3 months. A number of friends have had this trip booked for months & on Thursday, I randomly decided I would go along too. I was lucky enough to get a room with them, now just to book the flights! We’re flying out 11th November and coming back 18th November.

I cannot wait. A week of relaxation after 2 years of study- I deserve it!


2 thoughts on “Spontaneous Trip to Bali;

  1. Wow, that picture is INSANE! I would love to be there! I think you made the right decision. Like I said, just follow your heart and if you feel this is what you want to do now then of course that’s what you should do! You’re going to have an amazing time and it’s “good practice” that you do something without planning so far ahead. I used to be really spontaneous up until I got problems… and I’m finally getting back to “being myself” again, which means I can be quite spontaneous. I’m still very organized and I like planning, but I’m spontaneous in the sense that I can randomly decide to go out one evening, with only a couple of hours notice. While I was struggling with my biggest issues, I wanted several days notice so I could plan and prepare myself for it, and I often opted out of it anyway.

  2. I just can’t wait to go and take my own pictures in Bali. I’ve been dying to use my DSLR! I know I’m making the right decision… Or that could be my travel bug talking πŸ˜› one day you’ll have to come Australia and Bali! Both are super close to each other πŸ™‚ I think you’re definitely returning back to your old self with this trip coming up πŸ˜€ fingers crossed!

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