Sydney Trip;

My week in Sydney can be easily summed up in the following photos:

Straight to Bondi I go!

Lunch over looking Bondi with S

Coastal walks

Maroubra…you’ll know this street if you’ve read about the Bra Boys!

Sydney harbour at night

Taking in the streets of Sydney

Morning Tea at the Chinese Friendship Garden

The famous diner from the Australian soap show ‘Home and Away’

Lucky us, saw some filming going down!

What an awesome week it was going to new places with my best friend.

Off to Sydney;

In 20 minutes, I’m off to the airport & catching the red eye to Sydney. I haven’t had a good nights sleep lately so hopefully I’ll be able to have a quiet one tomorrow & Thursday with my friend Maia until one of my best friends, Sophie, arrives Friday morning.

I plan to do all my shopping tomorrow & Thursday so then I can leave all the beach hopping for when Sophie flies in. Weather forecast looks promising so fingers crossed it doesn’t suddenly change!

I’m just so happy to be off work for a week & also not have to worry about studying or attending classes- today was my last day! yay 🙂

I’ll think about my exams when I get back. But until then, I’m going to enjoy exploring a new city, catching up with Maia who just got back from Europe & spending some quality time with Sophie, who I haven’t seen since late January.

I cannot wait!

Time for a change of scenery?

I was just listening to a drum n bass podcast & an artist I respect alot said, “Live music is life changing” and it inspired me to write. Inspiration is all around me & just sitting here, listening to this podcast, something in me has changed.

Seeing my favourite hip hop duo on Friday night, changed me. I was taken on a journey & now I’m left with this constant thought in my mind: Should I move or not?

Melbourne has been on my mind since I first visited May 2009 but it wasn’t until the past few months that I’ve seriously considered moving there. I didn’t realise they actually had my course until yesterday so it’s really thrown me off.  I haven’t been able to think straight since.

It’s been 4 years since I moved to Perth & I think it’s time for a new adventure. I think I’m capable of another move but this time alone. I also think I’m capable of living on my own.

But only problem is, I have to decide as soon as possible. If I want to move, I have to do so before February, as soon as I come back from Europe so I start university there.

I have alot of phone calls to make with universities, banks & friends that studied over there.

Can I do it?

Grateful to see Horrorshow again;

Last night, I got to see my favourite Australian Hip Hop duo Horrorshow for the 3rd time in the last 12 months. The two previous times, they were supporting other artists so this was their first tour as the headliners and let me tell you, this was my favourite gig out of the 3 by far.

I went with my favourite hip hop partner, Lindsay aswell as my friend Brad & then met Josh & Andrew there. The atomsphere was amazing & I’m sitting here, still smiling about last night.

Last night, I also picked up the courage to approach the MC because the other two times, I was far too shy.  And of course, I had to get a photo too.

And yes, he even signed my arm. Oh giddy little fan much?

City of Residence: Perth;

Considering I’ve been so anti-social lately, today was a huge improvement. I went for a walk along the river with Lindsay & then a walk with Kelly along my favourite beach. It was a beautiful day!

My favourite street, Mends Street, going down to the river, overlooking the city.

The view from South Perth, where I live.

My favourite beach, Port Beach, 15 minutes from my house

This beautiful bar/restuarant called ‘Salt on the Beach’ which has amazing (but pricey!) food

Writing time;

I’ve been so caught up with work, study & the gym lately, I haven’t had time to update this or my livejournal, let alone write in my paper journal. I bailed on dinner plans with 2 girlfriends tonight so I could have a night to myself. More so than ever, I’m listening to my body very very carefully and it’s telling me to rest.

Even though I haven’t had a chance to write in my journals, I’ve exchanged emails with my dear friend T on a daily basis for weeks now & it’s given me an opportunity to write in the moment & not really filter my thoughts. Even though life has been so hectic past few weeks, I’m thankful I can look back on these emails & see what I was feeling at a certain time.

It seems like every birthday I change alot before & after. Last year, I had just broken up with my boyfriend. This year, I realised who my true friends were & realised I needed to make a lot of changes to my life.

I’m just so thankful I’ve had someone like T to write to everyday & get feedback on everything because there has been a lot going on lately.

It’s hope things calm down now!