Me time;

After such a busy week last week, going out to dinner 3 nights, a 21st & celebrating my birthday on Sunday, my body craved some quiet time so that’s exactly what I did this week.

Other than dinner last night, after work, I went to the gym every evening & then chilled at home. I spoke to a number of friends on the phone but other than that, I kept to myself.

I go through these phases ever so often. After having very social weeks or weekends, I tend to pull back from people & just do my own thing.

This weekend I don’t want to do much. There’s no birthdays on this weekend so I’m going to take full advantage of this weekend & try do as much work as I can. I also need to sit down & go over my Europe trip & start planning it all. Other than lunch with a friend tomorrow, I just want to do some boxing, pilates & have lots of Anna time.

I love my ‘me’ time.


2 thoughts on “Me time;

  1. I’m like that too. I love having busy weeks and having my calendar cluttered with meetings and things to do, but I also appreciate having “me time”. Too much of it will of course become boring, but I’m used to doing stuff on my own so I can handle quite a bit of alone time before I get bored. This week has been a mix of both busy and calm, the weekend has been very much “me time”, just doing stuff like cleaning and writing.

  2. I think because I had a super busy week last night, my craving for alone time has been longer than ever!! I didn’t want to see anyone all week until today & even then, I only wanted to see 2 people. I love being alone though! I didn’t get bored. If anything, I ran out of time 😦

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