I look at drum n bass line ups and no longer care. The only ones I care about seeing are the ones I’m seeing in Bali in 6 weeks. It’s a little crazy how my life once evolved around drum n bass but now that’s not the case. Maybe I’m going through one of my phases or maybe I’ve finally come to terms with it all. The fact that I don’t have to be out every weekend, going to the same clubs, seeing the same crowd, making small chit chat with the same social group.

I distanced myself from this crowd 5 weeks ago, the week before my birthday. After spending a week on the east coast of Australia, I went out the other night for a friends birthday. Nothing’s changed. Same crowd, same group, same atmosphere. I actually couldn’t wait to get out of there.

When I sign onto Facebook, I see constant updates about this gig, that gig & of course, New Years Eve. When I see the names of the artists, I don’t feel anything. I’ve seen them all & don’t feel like I have to see them again, even though one of my favourite artists will be coming over.

I no longer care about missing out. I already know that when I look back in 5 years time, all these gigs will blur into one. They already are starting to.

New & improved Anna?


2 thoughts on “Distance;

  1. It’s a phase you went through in your life and now you’re moving on to other things. Nothing says it was wrong or bad that you went to all these gigs before, but now you’re just into something else. And you can spend your money on those other things! 🙂

    I’m so jealous you’re going to Bali. I’d like to go to Bali for vacation some time. And to surf a little. I just saw Eat, Pray, Love yesterday. Hope you get a chance to see it before you go to Bali.

  2. Oh don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I will ever stop going to gigs, music takes you on a journey & I’m always better off after to have been through that.

    My genre priorties have just changed though. Getting away from drum n bass that is known for its drugs & party highs and going for something a bit calmer like hip hop & those gigs are very rare.

    Eat, Pray, Love comes out in a week 😀 you can bet I’m going as soon as it does!

    Bali is PRETTY far from Sweden so when you go there, you have to go to Australia at the same time, we’re just down the road 😛

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