Where is home?

I’ve been very confused recently about where I consider home. Past few weeks, I’ve started thinking about how at home I feel here in Perth, something I never thought would ever happen because I used to despise Perth purely because I was forced to move here. I’ve made some really good friends here & feel like I’ve found a place here where I fit.

But speaking to Zhora, one of my close friends from NZ last week made me realise where home is: West Auckland. Speaking to Ksenia & Sophie makes me miss them but when I talk to Zhora, I miss her AND home. As much as Ksenia & Sophie are my best friends, Zhora is the one the most like me so her describing things back home actually makes me feel like I’m there but then I get sad because I realise it’s her, not me.

So last week, I had a massive rush of home sickness overcome me, 4 years after I moved.

Will I ever overcome it? Or is it like your first love, something you will never forget?


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