Welcome, baby mac;

I must say, this is probably the most gorgeous thing I have ever laid eyes on:

After flying to Bali & my laptop dying one hour into a 3.5 hour flight, there was no way I could travel Europe on 6 hour trains with my old laptop so I thought I’d treat myself to an early Christmas present 🙂



Change is inevitable‏;

I wonder if everyone gets like this? When you meet someone, your future plans change & you think about when you’ll see them again. You start to prioritise what was once top of the list & you try to make room for the new ideas.

Situations in life come up & life changes course. Before I went to NZ, I wanted to study politics. After the trip, it made me realise I won’t settle in one place so I need to study something that is universal. Talking to a good friend, discussing our house building process, something made me realise that property valuation is for me. It all finally made sense. I’ve never been so certain about a decision in my life. 8 months later, I’m still as sure as ever about my future study. Knowing what I’ll be doing for the next 3 years is a good feeling. I even went a step further & planned on moving to Europe after my degree but that decision is still up in the air, who knows what will happen over the next 3 years. Who knows what will even happen after I get back from Europe in February.

Weekend just gone, I hung out with some amazing people that once again, made me consider new possibilities. I have all these travel plans & they made me consider changing the priorities that they’re in. Traveling & meeting travelers always does this. I’m a little nervous about 2 & a half months traveling end of this year because who knows what I’ll discover about myself & who knows how that’ll change me. I guess I’m scared of my future plans changing again but that’s life right?

The countdown is on. Exactly 4 weeks until I fly out.