The best of 10 weeks;

Packing my warmest items which ended up not being warm enough…not one of them!

First day in London, SNOW!!

First snowman in 15 years, I was rather excited!

My favourite part of Stockholm, Sweden: Soder

Photography museum in Stockholm

Christmas Markets, Birmingham, UK

Visiting Santa at Winter Wonderland, London, UK

Christmas Feast in Clapham, London, UK

And dessert!

New Years Eve in Edinburgh, Scotland

Not looking too pleased with the Eiffel Tower

Self explanatory..


Mitte, Berlin

Prague, Czech Republic

And Budapest, Hungary….very similar or what?

Budapest Baths on Australia Day

Florence, Italy

Rome, Italy

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

The end 😦

This was a quick picture summary of my 10 week holiday. I’ll be uploading my favourite photos to flickr so will be linking it to this blog once it’s all complete.


One thought on “The best of 10 weeks;

  1. You saw and experienced SO much in your ten weeks! Those hot baths in Budapest would be nice right now, we’re experiencing one of our coldest winters yet, temperatures are way below the normal (it was -19 degrees this morning). I still love the feast you and the girls put together for Christmas, would have loved to be there, must have been so sweet and cosy!

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