My new house;

While I was away, my new house started getting built. And by mine, I do mean my parents & I. At the moment, building has been put on hold because for some reason the council have decided that they don’t like the plan they approved 3 months prior which is extremely annoying & costly but not a lot we can do.

I went & visited the site last weekend & got a few snaps.

My room, looking at my walk in wardrobe!! I cannot wait

Future room!

Lounge area, looking into the outdoor patio

Kitchen & dining area

Parents room with nothing else around…this won’t last.

It was meant to be completed in April but with the recent hold up, who knows when it will be finished. All I know is, after visiting the area & going to the local pub for lunch, I cannot wait to move, start fresh & live in a suburb that isn’t full of rich, old people who look down their nose at you.

I’m so ready for this move, even if it’s going to be a further 15 mins out of the city.


One thought on “My new house;

  1. Wow, this is so cool! What an experience it must be to see your future house being built and to imagine what it’s going to look like when it’s all finished. So jealous you’re getting a walk in closet! How far away from your current home is this house? How many rooms in total are there going to be? How many square metres is the house? It’s all so fascinating!

    P.S I really like your new blog layout, pretty, bright and fresh!

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