And in with the new..

I went shopping last week & I picked out a few tops & dresses on sale. After arranging them all on my bed, I noticed a little pattern in my buys..

I didn’t realise how much I like creams & pink tones!

And wearing one of the dresses

All up, those 7 items cost me $60 AUD. How’s that for good bargains!


2 thoughts on “And in with the new..

  1. So jealous of all your new stuff, I love it all! Bargain deals like that are so much fun, I love coming home with a bag full of new clothes and knowing I got it for such an awesome total! I went shopping today but came home with NOTHING. I tried on several items but nothing fit nicely so I ended up walking out empty handed.

    • Most pieces were $10, SUCH a bargain! But that is why I have 92 items to get rid of because I used to have the biggest habit of buying stuff I sort of liked so good girl, only buy what you really really like!

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