Out with the old..

I’m the kind of person that struggles with letting go, whether it’s clothes, people or things I’ve been given but after living in a suitcase for 10 weeks, I came back with this sudden urge to get rid of a lot of things in my life, starting with the things I never wear or use.

These converse sneakers must be at least 5 years old….a very long time of sitting around!

Heels I will never be able to walk in, no matter how hard I try & have tried. I’ve worn the bottom right ones only twice! I sure know how to waste money!

I counted 82 items :/ considering I’ve only lived in Australia for 4 years, that’s a lot of stuff to be getting rid of!

I’ve tried getting rid of these dresses before…2 years later, I still haven’t worn them. It’s definitely time!

So I’m thinking I’ll invite some friends to come over in the next few weeks, see if they would like any of my stuff because majority are my size or smaller, then I’ll try the local markets & if anything is still left over, I’ll give the remaining to the Salvation Army.

I’m going to put a few items on Ebay like the heels, dresses & a few tops because they’re still in near new condition.

I think my trip away has finally taught me the most important lesson in life, how to let go.


2 thoughts on “Out with the old..

    • Haha I know!! I can never let go but only now learning to! Lindsay wants to buy a few things off me, they’ll only be $5-$10 each but it’ll still be some money in my pocket 🙂

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