Last weekend of freedom;

On Monday, I go back to work after having 16 weeks off. I don’t know what my hours will be, I hope it’s still as flexible as before where I could work anytime between 7am- 5pm (I used to work 7am- 3pm most days) because I have an important task to juggle this year- full time uni.

For uni, I have to go in Tuesdays 6pm-7pm, Wednesdays 6pm-9pm & Thursdays 6pm-8pm for Accounting & Communications and because I’m doing Management & Marketing online, I’m thinking of going into uni on Saturdays & Sundays for a few hours at a time because I know I can’t focus at home.

So this weekend, I’m trying to catch up with as many friends as I can as well as relaxing because I have no idea when I’ll have this sort of freedom back.


2 thoughts on “Last weekend of freedom;

  1. Sounds super busy but it’s good that you’ve got a game plan, you’re obviously good at planning and working hard so I’m sure you’ll do good!

    • haha yes, planning is like my middle name. I sit & plan everything. Things to do, things to buy, goals, what I need to achieve this year, budgets, holidays!! haha, I think I have a problem!

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