Sigh of relief;

I’m free…for the next 4 days at least. I’ve had a few hours free here & there over the past month but no days with no work or study so you can imagine how happy I am! My friend S is coming over from NZ, I haven’t seen her since September when we met up in Sydney so I’m very excited to just relax and hang out with her.

So far, our plans consist of a lot of swimming, relaxing at the beach and dining out. It’s still 30 degrees these days so I’m going to make the most of it this long weekend, especially cause I’ve spent the past few weekends, studying indoors.

I feel like a hermit that has finally come out of its shell. It’s a good feeling!


One of those moments;

I’m having one of those moments where it’s all getting a little too much. I need more time to study and prepare for my classes but I need to work because I need the money. Must importantly, I need time to myself to just relax and unwind.

Where’s the pause button when you need it?

Helping others;

I spent all weekend working on an essay about Veolia, a multinational company that provides water & waste management, environmental services and transport. One aspect I focused on was the good things this company does for the community through their foundation (more info found here). I got reading and it was one of those moments where I felt incredibly touched. Just reading all the projects they have been involved in, has inspired me to look into doing some volunteer work.

I’m interested in doing something overseas, and with 450 projects on the website, I’ve got a lot of thinking to do.

Interval Training;

Last night, I started my interval training. I’ve been dying to get back into my regular routine ever since I got back but when I injured my foot a few weeks ago, I’ve been cautious ever since. Tonight, I went to one of my favourite spots near my house, the stairs.

I run up these stairs (sometimes 3 sets)

And then walk or run this loop to catch my breath

Tonight, I just ran up the stairs, walked a loop and repeated for 20 minutes. I’ll slowly increase this until I’m running up and down the stairs for a few minutes and then walking around the loop. Goodbye wobbly bits, you’re not welcome around here!

Last Sunday of March;

It’s been nearly one whole month of Autumn & Perth doesn’t seem to be getting any cooler. I spent all day indoors today, attempting to finish an assignment due tomorrow. I must say I miss spending my weekends in the park, at the beach or enjoying a nice brunch in the sunny outdoors. I’ve had numerous friends ask me, “Where have you been hiding lately??”, some even wondering if I’m still alive. Still living & breathing, just not out & about like I used to be.

I’ve turned into quite a homebody this month but the plus side to this- I’ve saved alot of money, I’ve had the time to write, nearly everyday in my paper and online journal and I’ve gotten closer to my parents.

Have to always find the positive in every situation.