Hello Autumn!

I love the Autumn months in Perth. March is still warm, perfect for the beach because it starts to cool down and by cool down, I mean it’s not 38 degrees every single day!

April has a ridiculous month of public holidays which I never liked before because I didn’t get paid for them as a casual worker but this year, I’m looking forward to any extra day to myself now that I’m working & studying full time.

And May, is the month I go down south for my favourite festival that always has a lot of Australia hip hop artists performing. I get to rug up warmly & enjoy good music without getting frustrated with the heat.

Everyone loves Summer, but I much prefer you Autumn!


3 thoughts on “Hello Autumn!

  1. I can understand how you prefer autumn there since your summers are so warm and the temperature becomes more bearable during the autumn. It’s not as nice here though, I can enjoy it sometimes (especially if it’s been a particularly hot summer) but it’s usually kind of brutal here in Sweden (lots of wind and rain). Although I am much more for the “in-between” seasons rather than winter and summer because they can be so extremely cold vs. hot.

    • You must come over here & experience the warm weather 🙂 maybe not Perth because even I can’t handle it but other parts of Australia are reaaally nice too! Is it getting less cold in Stockholm though?

      • We’ve had about three weeks of BRUTAL cold weather here. Mid-january it was getting a little bit warmer and the snow was melting and then BOOM, a HUGE snowstorm hit and it got horribly cold for several weeks. The past 2-3 weeks it’s been around -20 to -12 every single day! Today was finally a bit warmer and sunshine, so the snow was getting a little slushy, but it could get cold again and then we’re stuck with the snow for another couple of weeks. Generally, you can’t count on the snow being gone until the end of April.

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