My weekend has consisted of not a lot other than uni work. Because I’m doing 2 units online, I’m seeing how it works if I do them on the weekends. To do one unit, it takes me 2 hrs to read a chapter & summarise and 1.5 hours to watch the lecture. Yesterday I did Marketing & today I did Management. Two units I thought would be boring but I’ve found them to be very interesting so call me a nerd, but I’m really enjoying these two topics already.

I already have assignments I have to work on for all 4 units though so my time off is well & truly over. Next task is to set up a study/assignment plan so I’m able to use my time wisely.

Of course not all weekends will be this quiet. I had plans to go swimming both mornings & then a run along the beach both evenings but I hurt my ankle on Friday night so just walking around the house is proving to be difficult so no gym for me this weekend until my body is completely recovered.


2 thoughts on “Homebound;

  1. Sucks that you hurt your ankle, I really hope it gets better soon. I get aches and pains in my legs a lot too from time to time from working out. It’s so weird, I’ll be fine for weeks and then all of a sudden my hip starts hurting and it’ll hurt for a couple days or a week and then it’s gone again, other times it’s my ankle or my calf. I can never figure out why it happens, because it’s not like I’m working out any different or harder than usual.

    Seeing “Breathe” on your To do-list reminds me, can you send me a photo of your tattoo? I was telling my friend Beata about it on Friday and she thought it sounded so cool and wants to see a photo of it!

    • I had to go to campus today & walked for 10 mins one way, it was torture! I don’t understand how I hurt it so bad 😦

      I’ll send you the photo to your email now!

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