My type of guy;

The way girls gush over actors, is similar to how I feel about underground musicians, usually in the hip hop, drum n bass & dubstep scenes.

It wasn’t until I went to London did I realise just how much I love the UK scene, particularly the way guys dress in the above music scenes.

Someone I’ve been paying extra attention to, Professor Green, for his music & style:

I love some of the stuff he’s pulled off here like the stripey rugby jersey & the baseball type jackets.

Now, where can I find myself one of these?


2 thoughts on “My type of guy;

  1. You need to come to Sweden and go to Ljunggren (bar/night club) with me. It’s on Götgatan on Söder and it’s a nice place to hang out because there’s lots of mixed people there and a lot of guys in this style. As I explained to you when you were here – Söder is one type of style, Östermalm is another, mid-city is a third style etc. This guy definitely falls into the “Söder”-style.

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