I applied for the U.S green card back in September 2008 after my trip to California where I fell in love with a tattoo covered, shaven head guy from downtown LA.

That was two & a half years ago. I came into work today & found an email saying, ”Congratulations! You have won a American green card!” and for a quick minute, that email made me want to throw everything up in the air & just go until I read on & realised it was a scam.

Way to get my hopes up you smart scammers!


2 thoughts on “Congratulations!

  1. Lol, I hate all the junkmail I get. I get those “Congratulations, you’ve won a green card” every week! What bugs me more is all the spam and viruses that are spreading all over Facebook. Just yesterday a friend of mine on Facebook had listed a YouTube clip and it popped up in my newsfeed, I clicked on it thinking it was something funny and it brought me to this weird website. Next thing I know, that same video has been listed on MY wall as a “like”. Stuff like that makes me so nervous, I don’t want to be spreading crap like that!

    • I really believed it because it had my home phone number on it, as well as my country of birth so if they obtained that, I’m scared to think what else they may know about me!

      I hate junk but such a clever scam like that is just plain cruel!

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