Not only do I love quotes but also putting them on my walls, I love the idea of making up your favourite quotes out of letters. Now that we’re moving in the next few months, I’m looking for inspiration everywhere I go. This is a great idea for decorating my new room.

Now, where to find that exact font…


2 thoughts on “Decorations;

  1. Ohh, I like this idea too. I have nothing on my walls in this apartment and I don’t think I can put anything up either since it’s not my apartment and I’m only living here for a short time but that would be a nice idea. My walls are dark purple so it would be nice to put up a word or quote in white letters. I know the craft store that I usually go to (Panduro) have these big boxed/3D cardboard letters that would work perfectly for this. Maybe I should write “Attraversiamo” across my wall. It’s my favorite Italian word (I picked it up from Eat, Pray, Love – but I’m sure you already knew that!)

    • Maybe you could rest the letters against something so you dont put holes in the walls? But that word has alot of letters! Haha maybe get a poster made up? Ive got a list of things I wanna decorate my new room with, I won’t be surprised if I have no bare walls! Haha

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