Drum n Bass does not equal the scene;

Fabric Nightclub London, January 2011

The reason I used to go out so much was purely for the music. It was through the music that I got to know the scene and I’m not bitter about the scene because I made some really good friends but at the end of the day, away from the scene, it’s the music that I love. The music that I went all the way to London to see live.

My love for this music goes back to 2006 and continues to grow as more songs get released. Many times, I’ve gotten the music tangled up with the scene, thinking I’m over the music, I’ve had enough but I’ve realised now that they are two completely different things.

So as I take a step back from the gigs and the scene, I still have the music delievered to me in podcasts weekly. I look forward to the day there’s a new one available. Because at the end of the day, some of the best sets I’ve ever seen were times I was standing there by myself, completely oblivious to where my friends are. So it just goes to show it’s just me & the music.


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