Constantly changing;

As I get older, I’m starting to see the resemblance between my parents & I and what qualities I have inherited from each one. Last night, as we were having dinner, we were discussing a future plan. You have me & my father, so determined to make it possible, thinking of ways we can achieve it and then you have my mother, thinking negatively and only dwelling on the obstacles, making them appear bigger than they are.

I’m the same as my father, when I get an idea in my head, I focus on nothing but that idea. I may appear to be indecisive sometimes, changing my focus on a weekly, monthly basic but really, I’m usually presented with a better choice so why would I stick to something soley so I can prove I can commit to one thing?

I know I can commit so I’m not going to bother justifying or proving that to people. If I cared about proving myself to others, I would probably have completed a certificate in event management in 2008 and hated my job everyday. Instead, I left after 6 months, returned to school, completed that course and now at university, following my current direction.

So if I appear to be indecisive, gushing about a new idea, different from last weeks, don’t judge me. Don’t think, “Oh it’s only a matter of time until she finds something else to focus on” because maybe I will but it’s always for the better. And life is all about constant improvements right?


4 thoughts on “Constantly changing;

  1. It’s interesting that you mention this because I was just talking to my boss about this today and that we (as in people) so often do things because of outer pressure, demands and expectations. It’s so important to look to yourself and ask what YOU want and what YOU need, not what everyone else is expecting you to do. I’m glad you’re so determined and know how to master the art of focusing on what YOU want. I’m still working on figuring that part out, I’m getting there, but I still need to remind myself that it doesn’t matter what pressures or demands other people have put in my mind. I have to remind myself that those nagging little voices in my head aren’t MY feelings.

    • Ever since I started university, I’ve become the worst friend. Not attending birthdays, shows and charity functions so maybe I’m taking this a little too far with following what I want but I know if I did go around pleasing others, id have a mental breakdown from all the pressure (it used to happen a lot in 2008) so I’ve learnt my lesson. The true friends are the ones you can call, you don’t have to see them every week.

      I’ve always gone against the grain though. Worked when everyone studied & now studying as everyone is working so always followed my own lead lol. Very important to know what you need in order to remain on top 🙂

  2. this is so, so true. i really enjoyed reading this, because i think it applies so well. i used to feel that i had to stick to the one thing that i had planned, and that i would even feel not exactly embarrassed, but frustrated with myself, if i failed to do it. i’ve gotten over it, and it’s definitely more important to be doing what you feel is right in the moment. just because it was right or best thing yesterday doesn’t mean that it’s that today. it can be difficult going off the path you thought you had planned for yourself, but sometimes so much more lucrative and beneficial.

    • I think we’ve been raised to think of a goal, work towards it & once it’s complete, then we get a pat on the back and repeat…which is wrong because the whole point of doing something is to learn from it, gain experience and benefit from it. What are you gaining by doing something you don’t enjoy just so you can say you completed it you know?

      I’ve come to realise that everything in our lives change on a constant basis. We live in a society where nothing is around for long enough, there’s always newer products or better ideas so why shouldn’t our plans and goals reflect that? I’m trying to make short term goals nowadays, with an idea of what I want in the long term. Because who knows who I’ll meet next week that could change the way I think or act.

      Welcome D & enjoy my blog 🙂

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