I don’t know how it happened but yesterday I realised I was 9 hours behind on uni work without even putting anything off. I guess I under estimated how long it’d take me to finish an assignment. So I made the decision to take the day off work today and let me tell you: there was no resting.

I got a lot done though. I sent in my business report on Brazil first thing & then I was busy researching my next assignment (feels like they never end) at 8.30am this morning. I made a quick draft of an essay, started my shampoo research analysis, read a case study, watched 2 lectures, read 2 chapters, and revised a few chapters for a test tomorrow.

It’s 11.30pm now and I’m listening to some of my favourite music to unwind. This is the harsh reality of working full time & studying full time. Only 4 weeks of this madness left & then I’ll finally be able to relax (only a little). I can do this.



2 thoughts on “Drowning;

  1. Yes, YOU CAN DO THIS. Just breathe, keep calm and carry on! 🙂 I know how organized and determined you are and the combination of both is what is going to make you succeed. You’re getting there hun, you’re working hard and you know what and how to prioritize so just keep doing what you’re doing and it’ll all be fine.

    I’m super proud of you an impressed by how hard you are working. It’s unbelievable the amount of work you did today! GO ANNA!

    • Thank you, your encouragement is very helpful ❤ I've completed 4 weeks & considering I'm only starting to break now means I can complete the next 4 weeks knowing I have a week off after so I'm sure my body can hold off until then!

      All the time I used to dedicate to friends & going out is now focused on my degree and it's so worth it.

      Thank you for being there for me x

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