Happy Birthday Mumma Bear;

It was my mothers birthday today, Happppppy Birthday Mumma Bear! I spent last night blowing up these balloons and did anyone ever realise what a good work out it is? Might blow up balloons more often, great stomach workout!

But all that hard work is going to waste tomorrow night- we’re going out for Italian! We used to go to this Italian restaurant on a monthly basis but now it’s a very rare thing so I can’t wait to go tomorrow night, especially because I’ve been so focused on studying lately, I need a break.



4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mumma Bear;

  1. Ohh, those balloons are really pretty. I like the pastel colors and that they’re a little bit matte/metallic.
    Mmm… italian. I was just talking to my sis today about how I should eat dinner out more often. It’s expensive, but it’s a nice treat now and then.

    • I’ve had this packet of balloons in my room for so long, perfect for last minute surprises!

      I think you definitely deserve a treat T! That Indian place we went was really nice! Now I’m craving Indian haha

  2. happy birthday to your mum! :)) you’re cute for blowing up all the balloons ๐Ÿ˜‰

    i love italian food so much, om nom nom. i swear i could live off it for every meal. hope you have a nice time with your family! lmao and i randomly remember you talking about the italian restaurant from your lj. funny what things stick in your mind, huh!

    • It was the least I could do! I feel a little bad for not preparing a card or some treats but hopefully this dinner will be a nice show of appreciation ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’ll get some photos, this place is amazing! I might try something other than my creamy chicken broccoli dish haha

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