Dodgy Building Company;

It all finally makes sense. The reason why our house hasn’t been worked on in 10 weeks is not because it’s the councils fault like I thought but because the builders never received approval to build. I thought it was weird that the council could approve something and then take it back especially because they have 6 weeks to look over the contract and house plan. So I called a friend that deals with the said council on a daily basis (she’s a property developer) and she’s never heard of anything like that happening.

Good thing my dad is a builder and spoke to some people at work who helped us put the pieces together: has there ever been an approval in the first place? I called the council this morning and asked when the approval was issued. And guess what? There has been no approval.

I can’t wait until we speak to the sales rep & see what she has to say. The fact that we’ve been paying for a mortgage all along when nothing has been approved makes me so angry. But it’s also made me realise a few very important lessons for my future career in property. For one, I will never trust a sales rep with the process of building my home and two, I’m more interested in the law and justice than I thought. Hmm how does Anna and Property Lawyer sound?

4 thoughts on “Dodgy Building Company;

  1. So sorry to hear this, I hope everything will work out and you’ll be able to go on with building your house as planned.

    We have several TV-shows here in Sweden that deal with EXACTLY this. It’s become such a common thing that they’re doing TV shows about dodgy building companies. There’s one TV show that deals with builders that have totally screwed families over by “renovating” their houses and leaving them in worse condition than before the renovation. They go after the builders who are like snakes trying to sneak their way out of their crap work and coming with excuses.

    Anna and Property Lawyer has a nice ring to it. 🙂 I say aim for the stars, there’s NO limit to what you can achieve!

    • The council was NOT happy to hear this company had built a house with no approval. Next week is going to be very interesting! My dad has a very good construction lawyer on site so instead of stressing, he’s really calm, there’s no way in hell this company is going to come out on top!

      I found out tonight that my dad has the contacts to build our house for $70,000 cheaper, he just didn’t have the initial deposit so that’s why I can’t wait to buy/build my own place, I’ll have the money & won’t have to put up with this crap!

      I’m definitely not limited in the types of jobs I can have in property that’s for sure!

  2. you know what i’m going to say – anna the property lawyer has a nice ring to it! 😉 do it! this is the kind of thing i love so much, property law is my favorite 🙂

    i think that is completely ridiculous, and i can’t wait to hear what this “sales rep” has got to say to you. they absolutely can’t do something like that, and i really hope you’re able to go after them and get some answers and solutions. keep us posted!

    • There’s just SO many things in property I love! Valuation, development, investment, law! Ahhhh I wanna do them all! Haha I’ll try my hand at them all & see what I like best. I don’t see me getting bored of the property industry anytime soon! haha.

      Oh man you should of heard the council, he was completely lost for words that such a massive company would do such a thing. We’re going to the company directors on Monday, there’s no way they’re getting away with this. If there’s something I’ve learnt in management in the past 3 weeks of studying is that action of the sales rep was completely unethical and illegal. Will definitely keep you in the loop 🙂

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