Italian Heaven;

Dinner was amazing. The family owned business moved just up the road from us last year so we were able to walk there, it only took 10 minutes…which can be a good & bad thing! It was lovely to be greeted by the whole family- the mother, father, daughter and brother, who have worked there for several years. The customer service was amazing as usual and even though we all get the same meal every time (talk about a family stuck in routine!), it never gets boring.

This is what a typical meal at Spaghi consists of:

Turkish bread with the hottest tomato salsa

My favourite dish! Creamy chicken & broccoli ❤

The biggest prawns I’ve EVER seen

Dinner for 3 haha.

And the last one, traditional Italian dessert, Tiramisu.

It’s safe to say, we struggled to walk home. Combined with a couple of bottles of wine, it was a really good bonding night. Who knew, I’d be spending Friday nights getting drunk with my parents this year? I sure as hell never saw this one coming!


2 thoughts on “Italian Heaven;

  1. Looks like a lovely evening, and AMAZING food. I need to treat my mom to an italian restaurant some time soon. Creamy chicken and broccoli sounds like an awesome combo, I loove broccoli! 🙂

    • Ahhhh just looking at that creamy pasta, I would go through a food coma all over again for it! Haha it was amazing! When is your mums birthday? Mothers Day is coming up soon 😀

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