The end of one journal;

Tonight, I finished my journal. On the last page, I did a quick reflection of the past year and made me realise just how much went on in the past 12 months. I grew apart with so many old friends, some friendships ended in a fight. I put my heart into a lot of things and didn’t get the same back but I learnt a lot of lessons along the way. I went on one life changing holiday that has made me the focused person I am today, as well as two short holidays on the side.

In the end, I changed a lot. My direction hasn’t changed but the things and people around me have. But I still have my closest friends by my side. Now lets see what kind of changes I go through in the next 12 months. I always amaze myself with how much I can grow in a year.


5 thoughts on “The end of one journal;

  1. I always think it’s so hard to write the first and last page(s) of a journal. But this is a good idea, writing the last journal entry as a kind of reflection on what’s happened/changed, how you’re grown etc. during the time the journal was written. I’ll do that with my journal that I’ve got now (down to the very last pages now!) Been hunting for a new journal for a while but haven’t found anything I like.

    • Really? I’ve just done a quick summary of what’s happened in the last week as a first entry, writing it for my eyes only. I ended up writing on the back cover last night cause I ran out of room! haha. I have a problem with buying journals. Everywhere I go, I always find cute journals & I can’t help myself and not buy it! I bought 4 in Sydney! So I’m excited to use one!

      What’s your local Swedish stationary shop?

      • I have that problem too, normally. I usually find SO many journals and other stationary and stuff I want and love but just because I NEED one now I can’t find one I like! There’s a couple of different stationary stores here in Sweden but one of the bigger ones is “Ordning&Reda” which we walked by when you were here, I remember we commented on that store and how we’d be able to spend a ton of money in there.

      • P.S Just checked the Ordning&Reda website, I HAVE to go there today!! I haven’t even thought to go there, I’ve been checking the book shops and stuff instead and haven’t found anything there but I should’ve just gone to Ordning&Reda to begin with, lol.

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