Interval Training;

Last night, I started my interval training. I’ve been dying to get back into my regular routine ever since I got back but when I injured my foot a few weeks ago, I’ve been cautious ever since. Tonight, I went to one of my favourite spots near my house, the stairs.

I run up these stairs (sometimes 3 sets)

And then walk or run this loop to catch my breath

Tonight, I just ran up the stairs, walked a loop and repeated for 20 minutes. I’ll slowly increase this until I’m running up and down the stairs for a few minutes and then walking around the loop. Goodbye wobbly bits, you’re not welcome around here!

2 thoughts on “Interval Training;

  1. Wohoo! Love interval training! It’s what I’m doing at the gym now too, I’ll tell you more about my current gym-routine in my next email. That’s an awesome way to do interval training though.

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