Last Sunday of March;

It’s been nearly one whole month of Autumn & Perth doesn’t seem to be getting any cooler. I spent all day indoors today, attempting to finish an assignment due tomorrow. I must say I miss spending my weekends in the park, at the beach or enjoying a nice brunch in the sunny outdoors. I’ve had numerous friends ask me, “Where have you been hiding lately??”, some even wondering if I’m still alive. Still living & breathing, just not out & about like I used to be.

I’ve turned into quite a homebody this month but the plus side to this- I’ve saved alot of money, I’ve had the time to write, nearly everyday in my paper and online journal and I’ve gotten closer to my parents.

Have to always find the positive in every situation.


2 thoughts on “Last Sunday of March;

  1. Sounds like me lately, only I’m getting a little depressed from not doing anything. I want to get out and meet friends but don’t have anyone to call… 😦

    • 😦 What about Idun friends? And Malin? I saw you’ve made plans for Thursday. What’s happening with university applications? That’s always a great place to make like-minded friends 🙂

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