One of those moments;

I’m having one of those moments where it’s all getting a little too much. I need more time to study and prepare for my classes but I need to work because I need the money. Must importantly, I need time to myself to just relax and unwind.

Where’s the pause button when you need it?


One thought on “One of those moments;

  1. Things are supposed to calm down in a couple of weeks though – right? I wish I could offer you a magic clock that winds up and gives you a couple of extra hours, but I can’t. The only advice I can give you is to try to stay as motivated and focused as you have been lately – and don’t forget to write your To Do-lists, or in this case maybe a “priority”-list to keep everything organized for yourself and on paper instead of cluttering up your head and stressing you out. Also, try to combine things you enjoy with doing school work, for example: study at a cafĂ©. Good luck! xx

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