And there’s more

Seriously, how amazing does Kate look? She’s the true definition of a real life princess.

The Royal Wedding 2011

I’m not ashamed to admit I loved watching the royal wedding today.

It might be my obsession with the British life or just Kate Middleton herself but I enjoyed every minute of watching it tonight (time difference). Her accent, her dress, everything about Kate Middleton was/is amazing.

Oops, I mean Princess Catherine.

When it rains, it pours

It finally rained today in Perth. Considering it’s nearly winter, the rain took awhile to get here. I don’t like the rain when I’m unprepared….days like today. So this weekend, looks like I’m boot shopping! I have my doc marten’s but they’re hardly sensible for the office.

Now, I’m just going to enjoy the sound of rain as I sit inside and write in my journal. Blissful night x

Little distractions are everywhere

You know when you think about something and then it’s everywhere? That’s how I feel about Brazil. A went there last month and I followed his every movement with envy. Last month, I also had to write a business proposal about a company based in Brazil for my Management assignment and I actually had a lot of fun researching the country.

Now, after watching Fast and Furious 5, which was based in Rio, Brazil, the travel bug has been sparked once again. Brazil has always been on my list of places to see but it wasn’t until this past summer, when I met some Brazilians traveling that the country really caught my attention.

My current travel order:

– Thailand/ Cambodia/ Vietnam


– Brazil/ Chile

– Europe summer

I’m being realistic here. I’ve committed to four years at university, possibly working full time for those four years. No more big trips for me!


Nero playing his new unreleased single, title unknown. Monday 25th April 2011.

On Monday night, I went to a gig called Grizzled where Skism, Trolley Snatcha, Foreign Beggars & Nero played. Last time Trolley Snatcha and Foreign Beggars were in Perth, I missed them so it was good to finally see them. Nero on the other hand, I’ve seen three years in a row now and have never been disappointed.

All artists at Grizzled fall under the dubstep genre, something I started listening to five years ago. In that time, the genre has changed SO much. I did prefer the stuff that was being released five years ago because there were so many artists I enjoyed listening to. But then again, now there’s so few so I guess that’s a good thing when it comes to going out- I don’t go out so much anymore, I’m very picky with where I go.

Especially after Europe and seeing so many artists, I’ve realised my style has changed so much. I’ve realised my heart lies in the UK dub and drum n bass scene, artists that are unlikely to be coming to Perth anytime soon.

Which is a good thing, I can focus on saving to go back! Always find a reason to travel..

What a weekend

I really needed those five days off work and lectures. Although I couldn’t forget about uni ALL weekend, I tried to keep it to a minimum. I caught up on last weeks work over two mornings, met my accounting group for a brief catch up but that was it. I spent the rest of the long weekend going for walks with friends, dining out for breakfast and lunch with various girlfriends, catching up for coffee with others, doing a lot of writing, relaxing and finishing gossip girl season 3.

I went to a gig on Monday night, my first one since being back & ended the weekend going to the movies with L to see ‘Fast and Furious 5’. I’ve grown up with modified cars in New Zealand so watching that movie series always makes me miss home.

Even though I went to bed last night at 9pm, waking up today was a struggle. Thank god it’s only a 3 day work week.