Health Kick

As of today, I’m going on a massive diet and exercise overhaul. And by diet, I don’t mean anything extreme like protein shakes or 1200 calories a day. More like, limiting certain foods. The reason why I want to limit certain foods like white carbs, wheat and/or dairy is because that’s the only reason I can think of that’s making me bloat.

Today, I didn’t have my regular afternoon yoghurt and surprisingly enough, I didn’t bloat! I’m going to try this for the rest of the week and hopefully this may help because I really don’t want to stop eating my cereal for breakfast!

My friend D has been a massive inspiration for this burst of motivating. 3 months ago, she changed her diet and exercise completely in order to get in shape for a sports modelling competition. Although I won’t be parading around on stage in a bikini anytime soon, it’s amazing to see the significant difference in just 3 months. We went for a walk this evening and I got as many tips as I could regarding food and exercise.

Detox starts now!


2 thoughts on “Health Kick

  1. ahhh my phone ran out of battery as I was commenting and I have no idea if my comment went through. But anywho, share these tips with me! I need to do this after April is up (yes I am letting myself eat easter eggs…shhh!)

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