The Powerhouse

So yesterday  a company called ‘Healthy By Design’ came into my work and organised a big morning tea and three days of testing for everyone on our floor. In the 20 minute test, you get your glucose levels tested, your heart rate/blood pressure and then you also get body fat and body water levels measured by a consultant attaching little electrons to your hands and feet that get plugged into a machine. Sounds scary but you just lie there, not feeling a thing.

The empty table where all the goodies were! (Information about eating right etc)

A blurry glimpse of the colourful morning tea we had


So with this presentation/morning tea, there’s also an 8 week challenge. The person who makes the biggest improvements in their body fat or water hydration levels, wins an ipod. I don’t necessarily want an ipod nor do I want to win, I’m going to challenge myself just so I can see what an improvement I can make in 8 weeks just by exercising more (now that I have a treadmill) and……cutting out chocolate.

It’s going to be hard but I’m very motivated and determined to do it. Worst case scenario, I’ll eat the chocolate on the treadmill, won’t feel so bad that way.


2 thoughts on “The Powerhouse

  1. This is so cool, I wish they’d do fun events like this at my workplace too. I’ve always been curious to test my body fat percentage.

    • I think the reason they bought this company into my office to do a presentation is because the call centre is on my floor and people work all around the clock. They are VERY busy people, who often snack a lot so I think this presentation was very beneficial for them in showing ways they can eat better and fit in some daily exercises. Most of us rarely take lunch breaks, even I’ve forgotten to take lunch breaks recently cause of the work load.

      You’ll be surprised about the body fat percentage! I thought I was going to be a lot higher than I was but it was good to know, I’m motivating myself to try decrease it a little. I’ll let you know just how much I can lose in 8 weeks 🙂

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