There’s something missing

I live in a beautiful state, where it is sunny all year around, currently at 30 degrees at the end of April when other places in the southern hemisphere are already approaching winter- there’s no sign of that here. I live in a suburb that is 10 minutes drive from the city and 15 minutes from the beach. It takes me 10 minutes to get to work where I love the people I work with and feel a great enjoyment in the work that I do. I go to university 5 minutes from my house, studying something I feel so passionately about. I have friends who mean the world to me. I’ve alienated the ones that had a negative impact on my life and I’ve pulled myself away from a lifestyle that didn’t have a positive impact on my present or future.

But still, there’s something missing. I don’t feel complete but should I? Do we ever feel complete? I’ve had moments when I’ve been 100% happy with this place but now? I can’t say the same. I wish I could feel that content feeling again because at the moment, all I can think about is being anywhere but here. But if I go and move somewhere else, who’s to say I’ll find that missing puzzle?


4 thoughts on “There’s something missing

  1. I know this feeling all too well. Just like you I’ve wondered if we ever feel complete, there’s always something missing and I hate when I can’t put my finger on what that something is. On the one hand, it’s a good thing to feel that something is missing because that’s motivation to keep striving for more.

    • I spoke to a friend about this & I definitely agree with what she said. The feeling of being complete is only temporary because we change and things around us change so we then have to find that same level of completeness.

      I’ve felt complete before- this time last year and several times over 2010 but now, I’m in a state of missing something.

      It’s definitely motivating- I’ve been thinking all day about the pro’s and cons of making a decision in my life to hopefully change this current feeling. It’s a massive decision so there’s a lot to think about!

      • You better keep me posted, I want to know what this big decision is!

        I completely agree with what your friend said and I really like how she put it. It’s so spot on. It’s only natural that our feeling of contentment or of being “complete” is a passing feeling. It’s like being happy or sad, our moods constantly shift.

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