Reviewing the salad #8

A favourite past time of mine is to try chicken caesar salads everywhere I go. Yesterday, I caught up with L, a Perth girl I met in Prague. We’ve caught up a few times since our winter trip but now that she’s working days & I have a smaller uni workload, we’re definitely going to see each other more.

I love the fact we met 20,000km’s away from Perth and we’re able to still see each other post trip. What are the chances in that?


2 thoughts on “Reviewing the salad #8

  1. That’s a fun hobby! 😉 Did you try any Chicken Caesar Salads while you were on your Europe-trip? It’s amazing that you managed to find a friend from Perth while you were in Europe and that you guys are able to keep in touch.

    • I don’t remember having any actually! I think because it was winter, I was going for burgers, rice and pastas! I find salads a summer thing because they’re filling but I don’t feel TOO stuffed.

      Yeah it’s even crazier that she lives 10 minutes drive from me too! We even have mutual friends! Perth is just far too small for my liking lol.

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