Saturday Night

Tonight consists of Gossip Girl Season 3 and eating my easter sweets. The Lindt bunny was extremely heavy so I decided to get started on it early to find out what’s inside..

Shortly after this bite, I found out it’s not solid….it’s only slightly hollow. I guess I can’t restrict chocolate on the Easter weekend, especially for someone that’s a chocoholic like me. Guess I’ll be watching Gossip Girl from my treadmill though..


2 thoughts on “Saturday Night

  1. They’ve got those Lindt bunnies at all the grocery stores here and I’ve always just assumed they’re hollow (never actually lifted one and felt that they’re heavy). Looks divine though! My favorites are those nougat/chocolate eggs. They hit stores every year around Easter (they add them to our “pick n’ mix”) and then disappear again shortly after Easter and it’s so sad every time. I vote they should keep them year round!

    • Oh man that Lindt bunny disappeared in no time 😦 It was so divine!

      I do remember Stockholm’s pick n mix, remember it was my daily diet? haha. Try find the brand online? You might be able to get it all year round!

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