Gossip Girl Marathon

Today I had a Gossip Girl Season 4 marathon with L, a girl I met in Prague. We felt bad for sitting inside all day because it was a beautiful day outside so we made our snacks reflect the weather… sort of.

New favourite obsession: Mint Pods!! Heaven on earth

I cannot get enough of watermelon these days!

The poor girl injured her ankle last week and is now on crutches so I insisted on being her personal nanny today. I know there’s that fine line between helping someone and making them feel useless so I made sure to minimise any inconvenience L faced today and I was actually surprised to realise just how difficult it can be to do the everyday things I don’t usually think twice about.

Don’t take your health for granted people!


4 thoughts on “Gossip Girl Marathon

  1. That fruit salad looks AMAZING!! I can’t believe how vibrant the colors in it are. I wish we had more tropical fruits here in Sweden. You can of course get clementines, melons and kiwis here too but melons are usually very expensive because all those types of tropical fruits are of course imported. And because they’re imported they’re never as good as if you get them in a country where they’re local.

    • I guess I take local fruit for granted sometimes. From as far back as I can remember (since I was five), we’ve lived in a country where every fruit was available all year round (the cost on the other hand, was a completely different story!)

      I’m a massive strawberry person. I buy a pint of strawberries in the summer time for $3-$4 because they’re grown here in WA but at the moment, I’m paying $7 because they’re grown over east. But even so, it’s all very fresh and national.

      What’s your favourite fruit?

      • I’m a big fruity, I love most fruits! But some of my absolute favorites are pinapple, watermelon (and most other melons for that matter), grapes and strawberries. No, I can’t limit it to that, I love apples, pears, kiwis, banas and mangos too. And apricots and peaches! Okay, skip it. I LOVE FRUIT, PERIOD!

      • Haha I’m definitely a fruit person too! In summer, I live off watermelon. Even last week, I was still buying watermelon! It’s the first morning tea snack! keeps me so full.

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