Everything always works out

I’m a firm believer that everything will eventually fall into place. Recently, I’ve been stressing about making a decision, as if my whole life depends on this decision and I have to make it RIGHT AWAY. That’s the kind of person I am, I want things now and fast.

Sometimes, you cannot rush these decisions, they simply come to you. I couldn’t have made this decision last week because I hadn’t of spoken to the people I spoke with today nor had someone declared a decision they made today, that pushed me to finally make the leap.

Note to self: Never force yourself to make a decision. These things come to you.


2 thoughts on “Everything always works out

  1. I agree, but sometimes I’m faced with having to make “snap” decisions or I’m pressured to make a decision quickly without much time to consider my options. It’s so hard to quickly figure out what is right. On the other hand, we can never know what is going to end up being the “right” decision, so I wonder if it really matters if we decide to do whatever comes first to mind or if we let it take a couple of weeks to decide? I guess it depends on what type of decision it is.

    • Yeah it definitely depends on the situation. I’ve been currently deciding whether to quit work or not and the thought of it confused me, I didn’t know what would be best. But by delaying the decision, it all worked out for itself 🙂

      Guess it pays to put things off! haha

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