Horrorshow Gig # Five

Last night, I went and saw my favourite band, Horrorshow, for the fifth time since they started touring in 2009. They’re a relevantly new Hip Hop duo who are gaining massive attention as each month goes by. Last year, they toured Europe for the first time, supporting a very popular Australian Hip Hop group called Hilltop Hoods. This year, they’re touring America with some of their friends, Spit Syndicate, another Hip Hop group from Sydney, Australia.

The crowd for Horrorshow

Horrorshow- Solo on the mic and Adit on the fader (mixer)

My friend Jac, Solo from Horrorshow & myself- big fan moment! 

My friend Trav didn’t have tickets and last minute, I got him one so he wrote me a little rhyme:

“you’re a star slipZov-a you rock like j HOv-A ….or something more epic like a supanov-A – hopes once shattered now swiftly rebuilt_ gonna lap up this SHOW like a cat does milk – slight wilt, full glow. shock horror, gonna blow. we just roll up through the hills and the meadows wait …HOLD UP – i’m goin to BLISS N ESO!!!”

That boy has so much talent.

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