I’m coming home!

Auckland City, I’m coming home next month!

I started a new job two weeks ago so the holiday I had planned prior had to be cancelled. I still hung onto the idea of maybe, just maybe I’ll be able to get a few days off work to go home for my best friends 21st birthday. Last week I found out that my boss is going away for a week in July….the EXACT days I wanted off so today I asked him & he was more than happy for me to have some time off. Talk about the worlds best boss!

Now as long as the ash cloud stays away from NZ, I’ll be able to be there for S’s 21st birthday, my best friend of fourteen years and also Z’s 21st, one of my high school best friends. Fingers crossed mother nature doesn’t prevent me from going home!

The Greenhouse Perth

There’s this cafe in the city I’ve been meaning to check out for months now. It’s called the Greenhouse and it’s made out of all recycled/recyclable materials. Check out some more photos of the place:

Pot plants decorate the outside of the Greenhouse

The interior is very modern

I’ve never seen anything quite like it. The cafe offers organic food, all very fresh and it’s not too expensive even though some of the meals sounds very fancy! I went there with a friend for lunch yesterday but neither of us were very hungry so we sat outside next to the heater, K had a coffee, I had a glass of Rose` because I can! I wish I got a photo of the glass because it wasn’t your ordinary wine glass, more like a big circular glass cup- perfect for cradling in winter!

Looks like I’ll have to go back and get some more photos! They also have a rooftop where they host events on weekends. Adding that to my must do’s.

Secrets to living longer

We have grown up knowing what we’ve been told by our parents, our teachers, the newspapers and all the other media. Most importantly, what is and isn’t good for us. How would you feel if you found out now, twenty years later, most of the things you’ve been told were wrong?

Bring in the Longevity Project, a study that was put together by Howard S. Friedman and Leslie R. Martin in 1921 that followed 1,500 children for eight decades. In that study, the people that lived the longest didn’t necessarily eat their greens, go running daily nor did they live happy, positive lives.

Just reading the reviews online, I’m curious to know what other things I’ve been told are in fact, myths.

You can buy the book from Amazon and read the reviews here. I know what book I’m getting tomorrow!

Finally seeing changes

We got some news recently that the builders have FINALLY received the building licence from the council to build our house…3 months after they said they did :/ I went down there today and got super excited as soon as I saw the changes..



The view from the living room..

And the front of the house..

I was all excited about moving and decorating the new place but now that I have a new job that is 2 minutes drive from our current house, I’m not too keen to move! Talk about timing.

Where is home?

I’m reading a book at the moment called “What makes us tick” by Hugh McKay and it’s about the ten desires that drive us. I just read the chapter about the desire for ‘my place’ and I can’t help but relate to the chapter in so many ways.

I’ve grown up thinking I had to have one home but after living in three countries, and traveling through dozens, I can’t help but state I have multiple homes. There’s so many places in the world where I feel comfortable, places I can escape to, places I like to think as my own. And you know what? That’s normal.

So no more choosing between this or that, there’s so many different places in the world that define who I am.

What and where do you call ‘home’ ?

Busy first week at work

My first week at the new job went very well. Everyone has personally introduced themselves and majority have even stopped to talk for a while too. There’s about 27 of us and 18 of those are valuers.

I’ve learnt so much on my first week. I’ve overlooked 10+ residential property valuation inspections and one commercial valuation and written up two residential reports which I’m very pleased about! My boss jokingly said I should frame one…that’s not such a bad idea considering how long it took me to do the first one!

Next week my boss will be away for a few days (he flys out every fortnight for valuations in the country) so there’s a lot of preparation to be done on Monday. I cannot wait to be back at work. Some may say that sounds very workoholic-like but when you love what you do, is it really work?  It’s so much more than that. From what I’ve seen, everyone here is like a family, it’s your home away from home.

Room with a view

This morning, W & I went and looked at a block of land on the river for work. The land itself is worth 3.6 million dollars and the house that’s getting built is another 2.5 million dollars. It’s going to be a glass house, one side loooking onto this river.

What a view! I guess you can look at this in two ways- you either get jealous of what people have or you use it as a motivation to try better. I know I’m the latter.