The winning outfit

Last Friday, I saw a job advertised for the position I could only dream of having- Assistant Property Valuer. I applied for it, not really hoping for much other than the opportunity to practise my interview skills. I got a call on Wednesday morning for an interview and I went in this morning to meet my possible boss.

Then, this afternoon I got a call…I got the job! It’s the job I was looking to get in my 2nd or 3rd year of university, not my 1st so I am well over the moon about it. I start my new job after I finish exams next week and the amazing perk to it? It’s only 2 minutes from my house! I’ll definitely be walking home once it’s warmer!

Now, I just need to survive the next week…


4 thoughts on “The winning outfit


    I am SO happy for you. This is absolutely fantastic Anna!!! Love the outfit too, although I’m sure it’s your smarts and amazing personality that were the main components in landing you the job! So you basically start this job as soon as you’re finished with your current job? You’ll definitely have to tell me more about this! What type of job tasks will you have?

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