Semester One: COMPLETE!

After what feels like no time at all, my first semester at university is all done & dusted. I had my last two exams today (out of four) and let me tell you, all the pressure building up to the exams- so not worth it! The exams covered hardly any material….but I can’t complain!

So lesson learnt: full time study and full time work isn’t healthy. It’s do-able if you pick the correct units but I picked four units with 2-3 assignments PER unit so I spent nearly every weekend close to breaking point, not leaving the house and going more crazy from not seeing my friends.

Next semester I have three units but only one assignment for one of the units so no more hermit weekends! Plus, lucky me, my new job allows me an afternoon off to study/attend lectures so I’m thinking next semester will be nothing like it was this semester.

So to all the people who doubted me and wondered how I did it: it’s called time management. You’ll be surprised what you can accomplish when you change your priorities around.


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