The end of one chapter

I finished work yesterday. After three years and leaving three times prior, this time it was for good. See, all the other previous times I left on extended holidays & whenever I returned, my position was still open. This time, I’ve left because I’ve realised I need to do something new.

When you’re no longer satisfied with work and hate getting up in the morning- you know it’s time for a change. I was always afraid to make changes in my life, especially such big ones because I had this bad cloud hanging over my head..”what if I’ll never be satisfied in what I do?” or “What if I’ll never find anything that fits around study so well?”

But if anything I’ve learnt from cognitive therapy, it’s that the words ‘never’ and ‘always’ don’t exist, they are merely some words that distort our thinking. There’s no such thing as never or always. Things are constantly changing, altering, modifying.

So here’s to all the amazing people I’ve met over the past three years, all the things they have taught me and all the lessons I have learnt along the way. This week marks the end of one journey, now time for a exciting new adventure!


One thought on “The end of one chapter

  1. I recognize myself so much in that. I’ve also thought so many times “What if…” but as soon as I start thinking those two first words I need to stop myself and realize I can never know what will or won’t be, all I can do is give something a chance and see where it leads me.

    I’m so excited for you with your new job, you’re going to learn so much!

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