Forgotten Feeling

Friday Night

Seems like I’ve forgotten what a ordinary weekend feels like! For the first time in months I spent a whole weekend seeing friends & it felt so good not having to watch lectures, read chapters or study!

Friday night, I went out for dinner to this little italian restaurant (see photo above) for a friends birthday. Saturday morning, I caught up with K for breakfast at one of my favourite cafes and then a few hours later, I caught up with C across the road for our traditional coffee catch up that lasted 2 hours as usual. We always have so much to talk about! I spent the rest of the afternoon running around, trying to find some new black boots- no luck!

I had planned to do weights that afternoon but as soon as I got in the gym, I left 15 minutes later because I was so sick of being inside all day. So I guess it’s good living in Perth sometimes… I went for a walk around my neighbourhood in shorts & a singlet- you would never guess it was winter here!

Saturday night, it was another friends birthday where we enjoyed some drinks in the beer garden at a bar/pub not far from my house. As you can see, nothing too wild. My idea of a good night out these days is a couple of drinks, I was home by 12 both nights! Quite a massive difference from the girl I was before Europe.

How times change!


2 thoughts on “Forgotten Feeling

  1. Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend. Eating breakfast out on the weekend is a favorite thing of mine. I like treating myself to a nicer or more luxurious-feeling breakfast on the weekends, to separate the weekdays from the weekends sort of! 🙂

    • Breakfast is my favourite time of the day! I eat whatever I want cause you have all day to burn it off! I had french toast last weekend! I ate eggs for breakfast 3 times last week haha too much!

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