Hi, I’m the new girl

I had my first day at the valuing firm today & let me tell you, my boss wasted no time! I went into the office at 8.30 (only 2 minutes from my house, amazing or what?) and by 9, we were already on the road to value four residential properties. It took us roughly an hour each because we had to look at four other nearby properties to see recent sales.

In the car, I got to talk to my new boss & get to know him a little better. I have a feeling we will get along very well! Back in the office, I met a Russian girl who is the same age as me so we bonded instantly. I went home for lunch…best thing ever! After lunch, the valuers started coming into the office after their morning inspections (the office is DEAD before 12pm).  It’s amazing being in an environment where everyone is going in the same direction as me or are people I can look up to for career guidance.

So my first day went amazingly well. I wasn’t the awkward new girl that didn’t have anything to do, I was constantly busy- already spoke to various property agents and residents regarding upcoming values! Tomorrow morning, I’m off for two more residential values before work and then who knows what the rest of the day has in store for me but I’m beyond excited!


2 thoughts on “Hi, I’m the new girl

  1. I’m so excited for you about this new job, I’m sure you are going to learn so much and get such a boost in your path to your future career. You’re amazing A!!

    • I’m learning SO much! It’s only my second day but I’ve already been out on seven residential values and tomorrow I’m going on my first commercial value! I’m so excited!! Love how I do office and field work!!

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