Where is home?

I’m reading a book at the moment called “What makes us tick” by Hugh McKay and it’s about the ten desires that drive us. I just read the chapter about the desire for ‘my place’ and I can’t help but relate to the chapter in so many ways.

I’ve grown up thinking I had to have one home but after living in three countries, and traveling through dozens, I can’t help but state I have multiple homes. There’s so many places in the world where I feel comfortable, places I can escape to, places I like to think as my own. And you know what? That’s normal.

So no more choosing between this or that, there’s so many different places in the world that define who I am.

What and where do you call ‘home’ ?


2 thoughts on “Where is home?

  1. I call Stockholm home now, but I wouldn’t have for the first couple of years when we moved here, I missed my “home” up north too much. I agree with you, there’s several places you can call home. I could call my grandparents and my aunts place in the US my home too, and it is whenever I am there visiting. For a while I called my flat in Prague “home” too.

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