Secrets to living longer

We have grown up knowing what we’ve been told by our parents, our teachers, the newspapers and all the other media. Most importantly, what is and isn’t good for us. How would you feel if you found out now, twenty years later, most of the things you’ve been told were wrong?

Bring in the Longevity Project, a study that was put together by Howard S. Friedman and Leslie R. Martin in 1921 that followed 1,500 children for eight decades. In that study, the people that lived the longest didn’t necessarily eat their greens, go running daily nor did they live happy, positive lives.

Just reading the reviews online, I’m curious to know what other things I’ve been told are in fact, myths.

You can buy the book from Amazon and read the reviews here. I know what book I’m getting tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Secrets to living longer

  1. I’ve always been frustrated by what the media, friends, relatives, co-workers etc. tell me and everyone else to do to “be healthy”. One study shows this, another shows that, there’s conflicting information everywhere and no way to know what to believe in. I try to keep everything in perspective and remind myself not to believe all the BS we’re being fed these days. I always say that we should think back to how our ancestors lived, how did they exercise and eat? They weren’t on any crazy diets to stay fit, they ate WHITE bread, potatoes and pasta, they ate real butter and they didn’t cut out any food groups. Did they have people dying early because of cholesterol problems and obesity? Nope. We should all be eating like they ate. Regularly, from all food groups, not denying ourselves anything and eating varied.

    Lol, sorry about the rambling! I just find this subject very interesting. I’m definitely adding this book to my list of books to check out and/or buy in the US.

    • exactly! we’re just fed information these days by money hungry companies. Buy this product, do this diet- I say stick to the basics!

      I’m very curious to read this book! I was watching TV this weekend and this came on the morning talk show- they had a brief interview with someone promoting the book so it’ll be so good to read something that’s been researched for 80 years as opposed to something under 20 years!

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