British Bulldog

You know when you want something so bad, you won’t settle on anything less? I’ve had my mind set on a British Bulldog all year. What’s stopping me? Perth’s climate.

We used to have one in Russia many years ago which was fine, it’s cold majority of the year but Perth is the complete opposite. Summer, our temperature is 30 degrees on average and in the winter time, we have an average of 20 degrees…not quite your typical winter! British Bulldogs struggle in anything over 25 degrees aka 3/4 of the year in Perth.

After meeting a British Bulldog in NZ this month, my friends four month pup, Chumley,  I’m even more determined to get one. Now all I need to do is wait until we move and see how hot our new house gets, and if we have any rooms where it stays cool.

Waiting, not a very strong point of mine!


On my way back to Perth, I stopped by Brisbane for one day and night with my best friend S. We walked around the city, hung out in the hotel room and just talked a whole lot. It’s the third time I’ve been to Brisbane but I’ve never really spent time in the city and I was actually surprised how beautiful it was and how much the city centre looked like Perth and the suburbs looked like Auckland!

Paddington, a suburb very close to the city centre. The hills remind me of Auckland so much!

Character house located within the suburb of Paddington. Needs some loving!

5pm in Brisbane

S & I were mega tourists; we went on the ferris wheel

Southbank, Brisbane

Peak hour traffic out of the city

Aren’t we classy?

View from the hotel room at night

Good Morning Brisbane!


When I was in New Zealand last week, I walked around my old neighbourhood, Lynfield. I lived in the area for 9 years and went to primary, intermediate and high school there. It’s a small suburb but just walking the streets, it was bizarre to realise I had been inside majority of the houses on the streets.

I used to walk to school for 9 years so it was like a trip down memory lane. Not a lot has changed but the houses that did get rebuilt, don’t fit in with the suburb which makes me sad as a person and a property critic.

Here’s some pictures of Lynfield:

The main shopping area

The park near my first house in Lynfield where I spent my childhood

One of my favourite houses in the area, it’s so simple and every bit of it reminds me of home

My old street, the first of the two houses we lived in, in the area

The second street in Lynfield that we lived on. I spent so much time hanging around outside, talking, laughing and arguing with friends over the years

One of the new things about Lynfield, the bus stops!  I love how much it symbolises New Zealand.

Auckland City

I’ve grown to really love Auckland. It’s been just over four years now since I left and returning four times since, I’ve fallen in love with the place even more every single time I come back. This time, it was the middle of winter and everyone thought I would hate being back because it’s so cold and miserable but you know what? I loved every minute of it!

After traveling Europe in the winter time, I don’t mind the cold. I love the rain, because of it, New Zealand is so green! Here’s some photos of the city:

The view from a friends house in the suburb of Hillsborough

The view from a friends house in the inner city suburb of Grey Lynn

The character homes in Grey Lynn ❤

The lush grass! 

The streets of Grey Lynn

The drive up Mount Eden

The view from the mountain of the suburb Mount Eden, I would love to live here in the future!

The view of the city from Mount Eden

The completed scrapbook

So I posted a blog a couple of weeks ago where I had pictures of me about to make a scrapbook. Well, it’s all done now & S loved it!

Here’s some photos of the finished book:

Do you recognize the four girls in the top picture? It’s S, myself, K & C standing in exactly the same order as THIS picture, 6 years earlier!

Best friends 21st birthday

S, myself, K & C

The reason I flew 7 hours to Auckland for 5 days was because my 2 best friends S and Z turned 21. I arrived on Wednesday night and got to spend the day with S on Thursday, enjoying her 21st birthday and getting everything sorted for that night so she wasn’t stressed out: mission accomplished!

We enjoyed a nice home cooked breakfast with her mum, got our nails done, went out for Indian for lunch and then did some running around, preparing for the night. People started turning up around 7pm and what was meant to be a nice quiet night at home with family and friends, turned into a very large Saturday night 3 nights early! I guess that’s what happens when you have someone walking around all night, making sure your champagne glass is always full!

Here’s some photos from the night I snapped away with my DSLR, making sure it was only picked up in 5-minute intervals so it wasn’t dropped (I’m a very clumsy drunk!)

Cake time!

Beautiful Miss S

Lemon cake with seashells on it, it was delicious!

S & I digging in!

Just a small fraction of the champagne we got through

Early morning conversations

Just a few remaining party guests

And finally, S with her photo boards.


Things don’t always go to plan.  I was meant to board a plane on Tuesday last week, getting to Melbourne in the morning. Turns out, the flight was overbooked and because I was travelling on staff discounts, I wasn’t allowed on.

I went home & then back to the airport in the morning after I saw there was an empty flight to Brisbane at 9:15. I got to the counter to check in just as the girl closed the flight. Just my luck.

I stood there for a second and thought about cancelling my trip home. The thought of it made me even sadder so after a quick phone call to my dad, I ran for the sales desk and booked a flight with another airline that left at 10am.

One way to New Zealand cost me just as much as it cost me to go to London with a budget airline last year but at the end of the day, it’s just money and all we do in life is waste money. I do believe everything happens for a reason though. I got to travel with a really good airline, something I haven’t done in years. The service was amazing, the food was included in the ticket price and I also got to watch movies on the flight.

One movie I watched, Soul Surfer was exactly what I needed to see. If you haven’t heard about Bethany Hamilton, she’s a Hawaiian surfer that lost an arm when she was bitten by a tiger shark surfing North Shore in Hawaii in 2003. The movie was based on what happened to her and I was balling my eyes out the whole time. If she can still get back on the board and surf just as well with one arm as she did with two, what the hell do we all complain about?

Life is all about obstacles. If there were no obstacles, you wouldn’t learn any lessons and you wouldn’t grow. I’m now flying back to Australia and looking back on the whole flight drama I experienced last week, I’m glad it happened. I had a good flight over to New Zealand and I was only there 8 hours after my scheduled flight. It made me realize I can’t rely on staff travel if I want to get somewhere on time, so at least when I fly back to New Zealand for Christmas, I’ll have a full priced flight going there paid for well in advance.  Who knows, maybe I’ll even treat myself to the same top airline so I can have a good, enjoyable flight over!