Social Butterfly

After being very anti-social last weekend, I made sure I arranged to meet up with friends this weekend. I had a quiet Friday night in but woke up early Saturday to do yoga with a friend and then have a sauna at this platinum gym in the city. Overall, the gym definitely wasn’t worth the price I paid!

I watched bridesmaids (a must see!) and went out to a show with a friend Saturday night followed by a nice pub meal with some friends on Sunday to celebrate J & S getting engaged.

Whatever anti-social bubble I was in, I think it may finally have burst! Thank god, because it wasn’t very much like me at all.

One thought on “Social Butterfly

  1. I do the same. I’ll get a kick sometimes and want to be more social than usual so I call or text my friends and book my calendar full of fun stuff. Lately, it’s been pretty insane. I’ve had things booked pretty much every day since I went on vacation from work. (Thereof the lack of an answer to your last email, but I’m getting to it… might be a while though since I’m in the middle of getting ready for going to the US, and once I’m there I’ll have limited access to the internet).

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