Best friends 21st birthday

S, myself, K & C

The reason I flew 7 hours to Auckland for 5 days was because my 2 best friends S and Z turned 21. I arrived on Wednesday night and got to spend the day with S on Thursday, enjoying her 21st birthday and getting everything sorted for that night so she wasn’t stressed out: mission accomplished!

We enjoyed a nice home cooked breakfast with her mum, got our nails done, went out for Indian for lunch and then did some running around, preparing for the night. People started turning up around 7pm and what was meant to be a nice quiet night at home with family and friends, turned into a very large Saturday night 3 nights early! I guess that’s what happens when you have someone walking around all night, making sure your champagne glass is always full!

Here’s some photos from the night I snapped away with my DSLR, making sure it was only picked up in 5-minute intervals so it wasn’t dropped (I’m a very clumsy drunk!)

Cake time!

Beautiful Miss S

Lemon cake with seashells on it, it was delicious!

S & I digging in!

Just a small fraction of the champagne we got through

Early morning conversations

Just a few remaining party guests

And finally, S with her photo boards.


3 thoughts on “Best friends 21st birthday

    • S has a very, very large supportive family which made her 21st that much better. Plus, a lot of the people there haven’t been in the same room for a few years (we all went to high school together) so it was like a massive reunion.

      I’d love to have a house that could accommodate people like that. Her dads place was concrete downstairs…perfect for the party!

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